Identity Verification Technologies for Healthcare

Leverage our award-winning decentralized identity solution to securely manage the health of your staff & clients, while protecting individual privacy.

<span class="f_700">Identity Verification</span> Technologies for Healthcare

Best-Practice Technology for Health Verification

Private by Design

Data is secured and anonymized using proprietary bank-grade cryptographic algorithms.

No Data Storage

Only end-users hold, own & control their data, in adherence to the GDPR and the HIPAA. Your organization does not need to store any sensitive personal information.


Data and its changelogs are sealed, preserving data integrity and ensuring traceability to the origin. Prevent identity and credential fraud.

Secure by Design

Distributed ledger technology (blockchain) mitigates the risk of hacks and data breaches, beyond current standards.


Our browser apps run on any camera-enabled device. There’s no need to download anything or worry about compatibility with older devices.


We utilize the HL7® FHIR® and W3C standards for health data interoperability and provide APIs for quick integration into existing systems.

Our Solutions

Choose the product that best fits your organization's needs:

Vaccination/Test Management Platform

For large organizations and institutions, hospitals/clinics and vaccination/testing sites
An end-to-end clinic flow software that streamlines multi-appointment bookings, clinic flow processes, verifiable record issuance and verification.

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Covid-19 Screening Platform

For small-and-medium-sized businesses, schools, employers
Verify and monitor the health of your staff and clients in real-time. Allow them to check in to your facility after screening daily for self-reported symptoms, testing and vaccination results.

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Who We Are

Immunodex is a global initiative advocating for the adoption and implementation of privacy-preserving verification technologies in health care. We’re an alliance of academic and industry leaders, driven to revolutionize the status quo of exchanging health data.

Fraudsters and malicious actors have no place in today’s world. We empower individuals with the complete ownership and control of their health data, and organizations with the secure end-to-end traceability they need to protect their users’ health. Immunodex is on a mission to establish privacy and trust in every interaction involving health data, an individual’s most personal asset.

Technology Trusted by Leading Public & Private Organizations

Covid-19 won't be the last pandemic. Prepare your organization for the next health challenge today.

Please join us if you advocate for responsible, equitable implementations of trust technologies in healthcare.

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Immunodex is a global initiative promoting the adoption and implementation of privacy-protecting identity verification technologies in healthcare. Our mission is to maintain healthy societies via ethical, responsible usage of data.

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