Privacy-Preserving Covid-19 Health Screening for

Keep your staff & customers safe by screening for symptoms, testing and vaccination results – all while protecting individual privacy.

Privacy-Preserving Covid-19 Health Screening for {Employers, Schools, Venues, Care Homes, Clinics, Factories, Airlines}

Health Screening the Right Way

Private by Design

Data is secured and anonymized using proprietary bank-grade cryptography.

No Data Storage

Only end-users hold, own & control their data, in adherence to the EU GDPR and the HIPAA. Your company does not need to store (and be liable for) sensitive personal information.

Secure by Design

Distributed ledger technology (blockchain) mitigates the risk of hacks and data breaches beyond current standards.


Our tools run on any device with a browser. There’s no need to download any apps and fiddle with their numerous permissions (like access to your microphone, contacts, etc.)

Ensure Compliance

Adhere to health screening and data protection policies. Avoid fines and litigation.

How it Works

Send a Reminder.

Invite any staff, client, or visitor via email, SMS or web push to complete a health screening before arriving. This notification can be set to automatically repeat at regular intervals.

Complete an assessment in under 45 seconds.

The user self-assesses their health, reporting any relevant symptoms and contact, travel, and medical history in a few taps.

This can include vaccination and diagnostic test records where available.

Verify the user's health screening.

Users give consent to having their screenings validated. QR-coded entry makes this secure, fast and easy.

Monitor the health of your organization in real-time.

Easily alert users with symptoms to seek medical help before arriving, and flag those who may need additional care.

Use Cases


Employers who rely on in-person operations or physical interactions can allow staff recognized to be free from Covid-19 and in good health to return to the workplace. Staff and customers can be reassured that they are on premises posing a low risk of Covid-19 transmission.

Schools and daycares can allow students to return. Parents can rest assured knowing that their child is interacting with other certifiably healthy children and school staff. Coverage can be extended to include critical immunizations such as those for measles, pertussis etc.

Airlines, trains and transportation industries can resume carrying passengers, especially in proposed “travel bubbles” aimed at reviving the tourism industry. People can be allowed to cross borders upon presentation of a recognized proof-of-health that is tamperproof and verifiable. Likewise, hotels and hospitality sectors can resume serving guests.

Physicians and healthcare workers can return to hospitals and clinics, especially for non-emergency yet important services such as ophthalmology, dermatology, dentistry and elective surgeries. Long-term care homes housing a highly vulnerable demographic could better mobilize and prioritize staff based on their health status.

Why Screen with Immunodex?


Generic Web Surveys


Automated notifications
Reporting dashboard
API access
QR-coded entry
Customizable questionnaire
45-day system warranty
End user-stored data
Consent-based data sharing
Cryptographically-enabled privacy
Bank-grade cybersecurity
GDPR & HIPAA-ready

How to Choose the Right Screening Solution for Your Business

Special rates are available to long-term care facilities, non-profits & schools/organizations serving special-needs or vulnerable populations. Please contact us to learn more.

Covid-19 won't be the last pandemic. Manage your organization's health today – and be prepared for the next health challenge.

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Immunodex is a global initiative promoting the adoption and implementation of privacy-protecting identity verification technologies in healthcare. Our mission is to maintain healthy societies via ethical, responsible usage of data.

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