Covid-19 Vaccination Management Platform

Our end-to-end immunization platform facilitates and tracks scheduling, clinic flow processes, record issuance and verification.

Covid-19 Vaccination Management Platform

Our Solution

Vaccination Tracking, Eligibility Screening & Reminders for Patients

Our Patient App stores immunization records, provides push/SMS reminders and collects pre-vaccination consent and eligibility assessment.

Interoperability & Integration

Our platform integrates with national/regional vaccine catalogues (e.g. HL7 FHIR and GS1 global standards)

Efficient Clinic Flow

Streamline patient intake, and manage multi-booking scheduling with automated reminders and virtual waiting rooms. Forecast patient flow and vaccine inventory.

Analytics & Reporting

Capture vaccination and adverse-effects data and facilitate required reporting to administrators and public health authorities (e.g. COVax for the Ontario Ministry of Health)

Simplified Vaccination Record Verification

Verify the authenticity of a patient's vaccine record for compliance to organizational health requirements. A transparent audit chain ensures reliable data for policymaking.

Data Privacy

Privacy-protecting, consent-based mechanism for sharing health data with external parties, in adherence to the EU GDPR, HIPAA and PIPEDA. Patients have complete ownership and control of their health data.

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